About Safe In The Fridge

A typical scenario which families up and down the country with kids at university will relate to!

It's Christmas Eve and chaos reigns! Your little darling arrives back from uni and drops his/her "stuff" in the rooms you have just tidied...and heads straight to the kitchen in search of food.

Safe In The Fridge

In our house the fridge is always the first port of call...and I hear "ooohh cheese" the sarcasm cannot be stopped from dripping out "oh so they don't sell cheese in Cardiff then" and then the truth is revealed "mum I don't bother buying fridge food anymore because it always gets nicked, do you know of anything I can buy to stop it?"

This had registered in the brain, but the timing was not great.

So when the festivities were over, the anxious Mama had a recall and went into overdrive to prevent the aforesaid little darling from starving! We happened upon the answer – the simple little food safe.

Safe In The Fridge

The safe was exhibited at the June 2012 NUS trade exhibition. The reaction from the students was positive and excited, each had a tale of their food mysteriously disappearing and we discovered that butter, cheese and milk were the most coveted foods!

Safeinthefridge is now a business providing an easy solution to stop fridge looting!

Of course this little product is incredibly versatile. It can be used in a bathroom. It can be used to prevent young children playing with medications. It can be used to secure anything, anywhere by anyone.

Use for

Food - drinks - snacks - chocolates - medications - toiletries

Easy to use

For anyone, anything, anywhere. Dimensions
19cm(W) x19cm(H) x28cm(L)


£13.99 inc P&P

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